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Episode 11: Protecting Kids Online: an Interview with "Parents Who Fight"

Episode Summary

As we find ourselves unexpectedly home during self-isolation from COVID-19, our kids will most likely be spending a lot more time online. Parents Who Fight is an organization that teaches parents and educators how to protect kids from the dangers of the Internet. They have tips for how to set appropriate boundaries around apps, how to protect kids from unseen dangers like bullying and sexual predators, and how to put a safety net around all the devices that connect to the Internet in your home, among many more. (plus See the show notes for their top recommendations and a coupon code from Bark!)

Episode Notes

How to get in touch with Parents Who Fight:

Facebook & Instagram: @parentswhofight

Watch the BARK mini-documentary here.

Use this link to receive 20% off BARK

Stacy Jagger's work can be seen here.

Protect Young Eyes by Chris McKenna

Parenting in a Tech World Facebook Group

Reset Your Child's Brain by Dr. Victoria Dunckley

Wait Until 8th Movement

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